Sunday, January 3, 2016

Almond Joy Recipe

I’ve been working on the perfect Almond Joy Recipe.  This Almond Joy Recipe is it. It tastes JUST LIKE the real thing, without all the junk. If you exclude the almonds than you’re looking at a Mounds Bar Recipe. To each their own, but I prefer the nuts!

The below will yield 6 small Almond Joy Bars.


1 Cup Shredded Coconut (Packed Lightly)
3 Tablespoons Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil
2 Tablespoons Honey
1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract
1/8 Tsp. Sea Salt
6 Unsalted Almonds
3 oz Chocolate (Chocolate Chips or Chocolate Bar is fine)


1. Add the coconut, coconut oil, honey, vanilla and sea salt to a food processor. Combine for about 2-3 minutes until a thick paste-like ball is formed. If it’s runny, and you can’t form a ball in your hand, keep mixing for another 2 minutes.

2. Line a flat plate with parchment paper. Gently scoop out a full teaspoon of coconut mixture and form into a “bar” so it resembles an actual candy bar.

3. Top each “bar” with an almond. Press firmly so the almond stays put, but the mixture won’t fall apart.

4. Put the plate in the freezer for 30 minutes, so the coconut bars can firm up.

5. After 30 minutes, melt the chocolate in 15 second increments in the microwave. Chocolate burns VERY quickly so after each 15 seconds, take it out and stir it! Even if it looks like it’s not melted, once you give it a good stir it may very well be good to go.

6. Using either your fingers or a toothpick, dip the bottom portion of the frozen coconut bars into the melted chocolate. Once the bottom is covered, place them back onto the parchment paper. Repeat until all are covered.

7. Scoop chocolate over the top of each bars until you can no  longer see any coconut mixture. Heads up – this will be messy!

8. Once all the bars are covered in chocolate take 2 toothpicks and insert them into either side of the almond. Lift up and place on a fresh sheet of parchment paper. Remove the toothpicks and repeat until all the Almond Joy bars are covered in chocolate and on a fresh sheet of parchment paper.

9. Place them back in the freezer for 10 minutes.

10. Enjoy!


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